Spyglass Landing
Telegraph Hill  Marshfield, Massachusetts
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2016 Board of Directors

President: Joe Wolfe
Vice President-Facilities and Services:
Thomas (Stacey) Monahan
Vice President-Administration:
Joan Cooley
Vice President and Treasurer:
Virginia Flynn
Vice President and Clerk:
Marcia Walsh

Advisory  Committees

- Marcia Walsh, Bob Wawroski
Rules and Regulations- Sandy Babcock, Patsy Kurtak, Mary Menke,
Bob Quinn, Tim Riordan
Landscape-   Jim Grim, Linda Smith McCarthy, Janet Wawroski,
  Eileen White
Finance/Investment/Insurance- Fred Glennan, Roger Ladd, Jack Prendergast, Tom Quirk, and Tim Riordan
Design Review- Jerry Covey, Peg Little, Corinne Orlinski, and Jack Prendergast
Waste Water Treatment Plant- John Kurtak, Don Springhetti,
 Bernie Kiley
Social/Activities/Recreation- MaryBeth Ladd, Becky Heartquist ,
 Marquerite Tylick, Janet Wawroski, Sharon Hargraves,and Corinne Orlinski

Management Company:

Arbor Management  Company Inc.
email Genie@arbormgmt.net

All correspondence should be directed to the Management company

NEWS and Events.....


Rules & Regulations.....check page for details

If you have any questions or suggestions for this site, e-mail them to :


About Our Homeowner's

Board of Directors Meetings:
Held monthly at Arbor Management Company Inc.
Homeowners Forum Meeting:
To be announced by Board via
broadcast email.

 November 23, 2015
Monday night
6-7:30 p.m.
Ventress Memorial Library

Please go to the financial reports page to view a copy of the presentation.

  For Regular Meetings:
* The Board of Director's meeting follows "Robert Rules of Order" for Parliamentary Procedure. 

If a homeowner wishes to formally be added to the agenda of a meeting they should call or email Genie Kennedy at Arbor Management Company at least one week before the meeting and state their purpose.

The Board's meetings will be held the third wednesday of each month. 

*Minutes of Board of Directors meetings are available by  printing them from the Board of Directors page.
Spyglass Holiday Party

Holiday Party flyer and details
RSVP to Holiday Party here using survey monkey.....
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